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Not Boring is the most fun way to learn about what’s going on in business and the strategy behind the decisions companies make. I try to combine current events, strategy, finance and economics frameworks, and pop culture.


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A weekly newsletter, which talks all about lifestyle design. In every week's edition, you can find new insights, inspiration, and knowledge.


A digest of journalism, written by journalists, delivered to your inbox daily.


Every Friday, I send out an exclusive email with the five coolest things I’ve found (or explored) that week. It could include exclusive giveaways or chances to interact with me, books, gadgets, albums, articles, new hacks/tricks, and — of course — all sorts of weird stuff I dig up around the world.

LifestyleLifehacksWise Tips

Impartial and in-depth analysis of MMA via Jeremy Botter, including trends, previews of upcoming events and post-fight commentary. If you’re into UFC, this is for you.


Journalist and consultant Ann Friedman gives her thoughts on the current state of the world along with a curation of what she’s reading and listening to. Plus: one of-the-moment hand-drawn pie chart every week.


Short modern poems for your inbox;\non hiatus.


A newsletter about everything that the NBA universe touches, from actual commentary on games to what players and organizations do off the court. Publisher Tom Ziller has published the newsletter since it was on SB Nation, and has garnered praise from a virtual who’s who of NBA reporters.


Your Daily Dose of Financial News. The 3-minute newsletter with fresh takes on the financial news you need to start your day.


We source interesting watch deals for you and send them directly into your inbox. For free.


Matt Brown, discusses all of the forces — especially the off-field ones — that influence NCAA football. A few times a week, you’ll get deep insider knowledge on what makes the college football go.


WIRED is the magazine about what's next – bringing you the people, the trends and the big ideas that will change our lives.


Dave Pell is the human eating the algorithm’s lunch. Every day, he rounds up the 10 most important topics in the news cycle and presents them with quippy, informative context and relevant links for further reading. His email signature is “Managing Editor, Internet.”

Current Affairs

The brainchild of tech reporter-turned-venture capitalist M.G. Siegler, 5ish was started with the intent of providing five interesting links at around five o’clock each day. It has since transformed into a broader and less heavily regulated place to share great content.


A daily newsletter from FiveThirtyEight alum Walt Hickey rounding up important news stories through the lens of statistics and numbers. It typically stays away from the biggest stories of the day in favor of more liminal, news-adjacent ones.


Stratechery provides analysis of the strategy and business side of technology and media, and the impact of technology on society.


Curated distressed investing, restructuring and bankruptcy news/analysis.


Every day we read hundreds of articles and select the best five for you to enjoy, so you'll always have something to read on the train and interesting things to say at dinner


community of more than 35,000 individuals who want to learn about Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto, and digital assets.


A mostly weekly collection of links, products and ideas to make you and your life more interesting.


Ryan O’Hanlon, a former Senior Editor at The Ringer, focuses on European soccer in this one. Readers definitely need a base level of knowledge of the beautiful game to take full advantage of the insights he delivers through his humorous musings.


It’s a bi-weekly series covering stories in the virtual event scene. You will find the latest tools, founder stories, events in your inbox.


Weekly perspective on investing, brand building, and marketing strategy


Bringing you inside the workspaces of inspiring creatives.


Weekly practical resources on Google products and related tech


I share tiny thoughts, usually about things I or people around me are struggling with in entrepreneurship, world views, or becoming better humans. If you want, you can join in and listen to what is on my mind. I will write a few times per week when there is a thought worth sharing.


At Rookie CEO, we share the insider stories that happen before they turn into the cliché quotes about success. The stories are funny, agonizing, raw and shocking. Outcomes aren’t guaranteed. You get to draw conclusions to accelerate your leadership journey.


Curated remote jobs for designers.


Become a better Software Engineer in 9 minutes a day


Curated tips and resources for side hustlers


Vocal exercises, songs, and singing techniques for singing students and teachers


Building in Public stories right your inbox

Taking small steps to improve health and wellness while still enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Actually good tech jobs in Japan

Venturism helps NoCoders become Serial Venture Builders.

Breaking down how computeres and people create, read and distribute content. Weekly on Thursdays.

small, medium, and large slices of writing on brains, behaviour, & lots between

A curated newsletter with news, tools & researches sent out weekly to make your community better.

Come along on a journey to going iPad only, and perhaps get a better computing life.

Scripture meditations, theology topics, poems, stories, and more.

The Newsletter About Unity Game Dev


Curated content and news for content technology and digital experience professionals

The purpose of the Fancy Comma, LLC newsletter is to serve as a resource for freelance writers. We talk about what has helped us succeed in the freelance writing world, as well as provide a monthly roundup of useful resources that we encounter on the web.

How to Think Critically & Cashflow Unconventionally

The Green Fix is a newsletter sharing information and free practical resources for who’s interested in helping fight the climate crisis and build a greener world.

A weekly foreign affairs newsletter but different. Written by two former diplomats, it's insightful, irreverent and fun. No insider jargon, just digestible analysis with a few lols thrown in!

We publish our weekly newsletter that discusses both sides of the most important issues ‒ all under 5 minutes! We handpick interesting issues from a wide range of topics (social, political and ethical issues) and condense a diverse set of perspectives in one article.\n\nWe encourage you to be aware of your bias (even the slightest!), and ask yourself, “Have I considered a different perspective?” 💭

‘Weekly newsletter sharing knowledge on everyday productivity and ideas you can action today’

News for the Business Valuation and Financial Forensics Consultant

WP Owls is a place created especially for WordPress fans. Every week you will find the latest news from the world of WordPress.

A weekly newsletter bringing you unique European properties for under €250,000 - make the move today!

Discover unique fonts and design tips in your inbox weekly

Actionable life hacks, bio hacks, and positivity.

Retire in Bali for $1,500 USD per month

How to exit the matrix with Bitcoin and cryptos

Your weekly update on all things Tableau

Discover tomorrow's winning startups today

3-minute newsletter that makes you an expert of the Startup world.

Women Who Side Hustle is about a mother's adventure of taking on 5 Side Hustles where she shares her struggles and wins.

My personal journey from employee to full-time maker launching side projects online.

A Newsletter All About App News, Reviews, & How To's, Curated free by App Researcher, Wade Sellers.

DevOps, Cloud Native, Hybrid Cloud, Open Source, industry news, and the ‘ish between.

Covering the off-the-field forces that shape college athletics

Every Friday, we curate the latest news from Council 12240 and fellow Knights from around Florida. In addition, we curate National and Florida Catholic webinars and events.

Insights on unique and interesting societal forces shaping our world, delivered through essays and podcasts.

Philosophy for the Insatiably Curious: free philosopher files go out to subscribers every Thursday, exploring the richness of the world's philosophical traditions.


Handpicked articles, news, tools and resources collected from 80+ sources sent once a week

The FutureTravel newsletter lets you find out about the latest trends in the travel industry, innovation and travel startups. Every Thursday you will receive a new edition of the FutureTravel newsletter in your inbox, with a curation of the most relevant articles, news and trends happening in the travel and tourism sector around the globe.

If you are interested in the world of startups and are an enthusiastic entrepreneur eager to learn and learn new things every day, this is your newsletter. 3 times a month we send our EU-Startups newsletter with the best news, opinions and Europe-related topics, plus you can count on some event discounts and unique funding opportunities.

Brief news from Central Europe and the Three Seas Initiative

Ideas, resources, and actionable insights for living a more intentional, innovative life.

Delivering last weeks best Gaming and Esports News right to your inbox.

How founders of famous tech companies got their first 1000 customers

Curious weekly reads for deep feelers & thinkers.

Once a week, receive 3 hand-picked articles, videos, or podcast episodes, with bite-sized summaries to help you run a successful online course business! 💰

Business book recommendations

Mindfulness for everyday life

medical health


A free weekly travel newsletter for the adventures soul.

The GIST is a female-founded sports newsletter that gives you 'the gist' of what's happening in the sports world.

Erotica for women by women

Human+ is a weekly newsletter that explores how to live intentionally through better thoughts and actions. Through succinct e-mails that anyone can understand, you can apply that week's idea to your life immediately. This newsletter can serve as a perfect supplement to the lengthier self-help books that you read, or it can even stand on its own. I mainly discuss philosophical/abstract ideas and productivity habits that actually work.\n\nOverall, the idea is for me to share actionable habits or thoughts that you can use to become a better human.

A weekly newsletter that analyses and gives a summary of the top 10 and trending physical and e-commerce products from around the world. Gain product inspiration, understand offers that worked, or generate content ideas - all it takes is just a 10-minute read.

The weekly newsletter that increases your cognitive fitness with the best strategies and advice for those who want to make the most of their mind

Track biggest moves made by ARK Invest across all their active ETF funds

Exclusively for women who want to get 1% better every day, Fit Girls Society brings you workouts, wellness, healthy recipes, productivity hacks, and self-care tips, in your inbox every Thursday.

Nurturing your inner parent with ideas from mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience.

Legal news, made easy. Legit is the free weekly email bringing fast, fun, digestible legal news straight to your inbox.

Keep people inspired and informed with relevant news headlines and a daily Bible verse.

Business ideas for the acquisition entrepreneur + more. Each week I highlight interesting businesses for sale and offer my own commentary.

We live, breathe, and discuss ELECTRIC CARS. \nFree, weekly.

A weekly newsletter on trends, technology, and society

Become a better Software Engineer in 9 minutes a day

Curated remote jobs for designers.

At Rookie CEO, we share the insider stories that happen before they turn into the cliché quotes about success. The stories are funny, agonizing, raw and shocking. Outcomes aren’t guaranteed. You get to draw conclusions to accelerate your leadership journey.

Weekly perspective on investing, brand building, and marketing strategy

Weekly practical resources on Google products and related tech

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