The Top 10 Community Thought Leaders

Leaders In The Community Space

Co-author of “Get Together”, a Partner at People and Co and responsible for building Instagram's early community.

🧠 Thought Leadership🔨 Community Builder🧭 Head Of Community at Substack

Master Community Builder. Currently at Orbit, previously at IndieHackers and the creator of the Ministry Of Testing.

🧠 Thought Leadership🔨 Community Builder❤️ Community Starter

Founder of Mighty Networks and passionate about community building.

🧠 Thought Leadership🔥 Founder

Author of The Business of Belonging and the Podcast Host of Masters of Community.

🎧 Pod on Community✍️ Writes On Community

Writes and provides thoughts around startup communities. Wrote a book with Brad Feld (TechStars co-founder) on 'The Startup Community Way'.

💻 Startup Communities✍️ Writes On Community

Founder of Couchsurfing. Casey is passionate about how to build cooperative trust systems and provides insights into how to create the two.

🧠 Thought Leadership🔨 Community Builder❤️ Community Starter

Kevin breathes strategy and structure. Also co-writer of Get Together. Kevin operationalised CreativeMornings and rolled out events in 100 cities.

🧠 Thought Leadership🔨 Community Builder✍️ Writes On Community

Currently a community strategy consultant. Previously the director of community at GitHub, Canonical and the XPrize. Author of 'People Powered'.

🧠 Thought Leadership✍️ Writes On Community🔨 Community Builder

Writers on communities and on building community based products. Founder of LateCheckout and previously Islands.

🧠 Thought Leadership✍️ Writes On Community❤️ Community Starter

Community strategist who looks to help companies build a community. Former VP and creator of the Trailblazer Community at Salesforce.

🧠 Thought Leadership✍️ Writes On Community🔨 Community Builder

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