The U.S. election is drawing to a close as the last stretch of votes are being counted and the next President to be decided soon. The votes show a division and polarisation between county to county. Amidst this, the Chinese government has taken a more aggressive stance against Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia with policy and trade bans. The government has also shown that it's the one who decides how the market works by stopping the much anticipated Ant IPO a day before. At the same time, the market has seen around 70% gains for Chinese electrical car manufacturers NIO and XPeng.

The UK alongside other European countries have gone into a second lockdown. This time around, more offline businesses have come a bit more prepared to continue their business online. Gyms for example are going after Peloton, with many gym chains uncertain about how long a lockdown will last, creating their own digital fitness programs, with UK gyms such as Gymbox creating their own digital platform to host their fitness classes for £10 a month subscription. With the membership data and email list that they already have, they may make significant inroads into making gyms a bit more of a tech offering.

Others who have traditionally been quite an in-person business, such as personal trainers, actors and theatres have also begun a digital transformation. Platforms such as Eqwill and are building on top of Zoom to help bring training, coaches and performances online. There’s still not enough market data to see whether this a merely a trending fad or a seismic shift in how fitness and performances will be conducted. But with the rise of Reddit streamers and Dua Lipa also launching an exclusive online performance, Studio 2054, with tickets starting from £10 to £47.99 based on content access - we will see how these concerts will perform compared to the traditional world tours.

How to make a viral product and be a ProductHunt hit

One of the most popular apps this week on ProductHunt is WorkoutMe is from ViralWeGrow community member Pavel Yuriev. An app providing 1 on 1 live workouts with a random partner from all over the 🌎. Pavel and his other co-founders, bootstrapped and built the app in their spare time.

Pavel and Erashev (the other founder) found that social facilitation (improvement in individual performance when working with others) really boosted their fitness levels. With COVID-19 causing a series of lockdowns around the world, the two decided to build and ship an app that would be helpful in improving people’s workout motivation at home.

The two inspirations for them in their launch has been:

We are planning to host an AMA with Pavel. Let us know if there’s any specific questions or insights that you would really like to know about!

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The other day I heard the story of a master, stressor and a dabbler. This is a framework by Tony Robbins (the famous coach of Bill Clinton, Serena Williams and Oprah) to separate three types of people in dealing with challenges. A dabbler quits when they hit a plateau. A stressor works hard and stresses. A master says “ah a plateau, to be expected… hello my old friend”! The master does not quit or stress, instead they ask who has been down this path before me and knows the way to the next step, that can save me a day, a week, a decade and they seek them out.

So we have gone off to seek experts to do a ViralWeGrow community Ask Me Anything (AMA). Check out our full list of community experts and mentors. Let us know questions you wish to get answers on and if you have any expert that you would love us to bring on to do an AMA or subject matter you are interested in.

Brain Gems

Why Bother? (by Salman Ansari)
A short essay about digital gardens, why we create, why we share, and the cost of not sharing.

The Brain’s Nightly “Rinse Cycle” (NIH)
Getting plenty of deep, restful sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. But did you know sleep is also good for us because it triggers rhythmic waves of blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) which appear to function much like a washing machine’s rinse cycle, which may help to clear the brain of toxic waste on a regular basis.

Wasting time sorting emails? Much better to archive (IBM Research)
Sorting email into folders is a huge waste of time. IBM Research found that sorting emails takes an average of 67 hours a year, and it actually makes it harder for you to find stuff. It’s more efficient to just archive your messages and easier to find too!

Remember that we're so dumb we made an undo button for the undo button”.